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I Am Your Dominatrix You Are My SEroguro
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I will control, direct, discipline and punish you.
I will seduce, intrigue and sadistically play with you.
I will nurture you, giving you safe space to let go and drop into subspace.
I will remind you of your place and duties, which are below Me and to serve Me.

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Fellow Sister Dommes, feel free to ask Me and
add Me as a Referral on Your application!

Mistress Lizbeth St. Jade

I'm a Luxury Lifestyle and Pro Dominatrix as well as a Reiki Master Practitioner who loves the finer things in life. I want everything from this life that I am owed and deserve. I love to be pampered and worshipped by My stable of subs/slaves. 

I started My venture by dabbling in BDSM/Femdom in 2016 and in 2020 decided to go Pro Domme. 
Beginning of 2021 I started formally training under the mentorship of Legendary Dominatrix Mistress Damiana Chi PhD who has been in the BDSM Life and a Pro Domme for over 2 decades. She is the founder of Chi Temple in Los Angeles and Creator of The Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy, A psychologically-based, comprehensive training and certification program in the art of Female Domination which I am honored and proud to be part of the inaugural class. I am an independent Dominatrix from Michigan
(Currently traveling: Hawaii 1/30-2/6/2023 then Brisbane Australia 2/8 - 5/8/2023 - Check My Blog and Twitter for Updates!). 

I've been learning more everyday as My experience grows  with continued education and I have more interactions with subs. I can be sensual or sadistic, I love teasing and denying about as much as I love inflicting pain. Though do not think I do not care for the well being of My subs just because I may be cruel and sadistic at times. Safety and Trust are KEY.

Favorite Kinks/Fetishes are Tease and Denial, Sissification/Slut Training/Feminization, Worship (Goddess, Heels/Boots), Objectification/Humiliation/Degradation, SPH, CBT, Sub Training, BBC, JOI, CEI, Nipple Play/Torture, Ignore Fetish,  Corporal Punishment/Impact Play, Chastity, Keyholding, Shopping, Latex, Leather, Long Distance Domination, Female Lead Relationship, Ethical Findom.


I am selective with whom I work with and allow into My space. I also value long term relationships as those relationships allow U/us to grow, explore as W/we get to know each other better, likes/dislikes and becoming more comfortable with one another. As a Domme, I feed off what the sub puts out. W/we feed off each other for every scene. Every session is different because every sub is different.
There must be a level of trust and commitment built before you may enter My world and before I will accept you as an obedient submissive. This trust and commitment takes time to build, do not expect to book a session with Me in a 24 hour period. There is information needed and steps that need to be taken prior to O/our meeting. If you are serious about booking a session with Me, then click on
Book A Session to start the process of submitting to Me fully by starting with your information and answering My questions to see if W/we are a good D/s match. Filling out the pre-application form is not optional for booking a session with Me, it is required. As you show more potential you will be gifted opportunities to humbly request more.

As a Mistress, Goddess, Queen Mother, I love to be pampered and spoiled by My good pets. I wish to live in luxury so the gifts and tributes sent to better My day to day life quality are noticed. Those who tend to My needs without Me even having to say anything are the ones who get the most opportunities with Me and will ultimately benefit the most from O/our relationship. The journey is just beginning!


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JustFor.Fans: Mistress Lizbeth St. Jade

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