Findom - Pay My Expenses

For those that love Ethical Findom and to know what you are contributing towards, you have the opportunity to pay for My expenses and show your gratitude, respect and loyalty to Me in a healthy, non wrecking manner.

Tributes for below items may be sent via Cash App - $StJadeHealing  
A note or emoji may be left, nothing BDSM related. Example: Phone Bill, Travel, Tickets, Utility, Groceries.


Phone Bill

My monthly bill is $80. 
November Bill not paid yet.
December Bill not paid yet. 

January Bill not paid yet. 

February Bill not paid yet. 

March Bill not paid yet. 

April Bill not paid yet. 


Nurtec Migraine Medication

$2000 per Month

I need this monthly to help control My migraines so I may function daily and be able to take on sessions. I'm currently without and have been suffering with severe migraines that last 4-5 days at a time which completely debilitate Me. 
0% reached this month.


Living Expenses

Utility Bills - $500 - $1000 per month.
Tax Bills - $1000 every 6 months.
Groceries - $500+ per month.

Tributes this month:


Clothing & Shoes/Boots

Tribute any amount. Latex and Leather are especially pricey. 

Tributes this month: 0


Dungeon Fund

Dungeons are expensive to outfit and keep maintained. Thousands of dollars.

Tribute any amount to help with this.

Tributes this month: 0



W/we all know how pricey toys can be and need to be replaced after time.

Tribute any amount. 

Tributes this month: 0