Tribute is a donation only. I guarantee no specifics, but will take your interests into consideration. Ultimately, do not forget that you are serving Me.

Shopping. Tribute for shopping does not include the cost of the items W/we purchase. You are tributing for the honor of being in My presence.

Surcharge. Effort or preparation beyond the usual scope may require additional tribute.





My time is limited. To ensure I am not holding a spot for you in vain, you must demonstrate your sincerity and commitment with a symbolic deposit.

The Deposit and/or Full Payment: (At this time I am only accepting FULL PAYMENT at time of booking!)

*Is Required

*Deposits count toward your tribute

*$100 per Hour Booked, delivered/sent to secure date/time for appointment.

*Must be delivered, i.e. in My hands/possession, within 24 Hours from setting the date/time for the session.
*If you cancel within 72 hours of the session date, you forfeit your deposit or full amount paid and will need to send a new deposit or full amount to book a new session. you will also be responsible for any balance due for the session time booked, for My time, inconvenience and turning away other bookings for that date/time. This will keep you in My good graces giving you a chance to book again with Me in the future. 
If you do not send reimbursement, you will not be allowed to book further sessions and you'll be blacklisted.
*Rescheduling is possible with plenty of advance notice, but not guaranteed. This is handled case by case.
*For sessions booked at a Hotel/Dungeon (rented), if you cancel within 72 hours, you will be responsible for reimbursement of the room/rental cost. (I currently pay no less than $150 for a room and dungeon rental usually $150-$200 per hour!) If you do not send reimbursement, you will not be allowed to book further sessions and you'll be blacklisted.
*Late for Session. If you are late, I expect to be compensated for O/our scheduled time in full. I may allow up to a 10 minute grace period at My discretion. If you are 10 minutes or later it is considered a No Show and cancelled, deposit will be forfeited.
*Travel to you - Session rate is that of Touring plus airfare, accommodations and session deposit.
If you cancel and want to reschedule while I'm touring and the new suggested date of appointment is after I have left the city, it will be considered as a cancellation.

If you want to make a good impression and make sure I'm receiving the full amount you are needing/wanting to send, factor in each Tribute site/platform takes a percentage. Some are listed on the
Tributes page.



There's nothing worse in the world than an entitled male.


If there's anything you'd like to discuss in detail with Me beyond basic session interests, limits, and logistics, you may send tribute for discussion.

You will respect My personal life. Texting, emailing, and the phone are for making and cancelling appointments only. Do not expect to receive My attention because you have My email address or SMS number. No photos are to be sent ever to My texts unless it's through services such as Sext Panther or I specifically ask for one for task proof etc. 

Tribute is a donation only. I will not guarantee any specific play, but will take your interests into consideration. Ultimately, do not forget that YOU are serving ME, not the other way around.


Want to really serve Me? Then ask yourself: what am I contributing to Mistress Lizbeth's life that would make Her want to allow Me into Her life? What am I offering that's different from what other supplicants offer? Most likely, you are no different from literally everyone else who contacts Me. Make sure you distinguish yourself from internet wankers focused largely on their needs. The world needs zero more men focused, even partly, on what they want.



I'm busy. I operate on quality. As a result, I am selective. My availability is a reflection of the preciousness of this dearest of resources: time. I make time only for the most polite & thoughtful of supplicants.

If you ask Me a question and the answer can easily be found on My website or Google, I will at best ignore it, and possibly block you. I consider all attempts to impinge on My time disrespectful. Session logistics must be figured out within 4 emails/contacts. Your emails/contacts must be about specific logistics, short, and to the point.

All My activities are based on: 
SSC(E) - Safe, Sane, Consensual & Ethical  
RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink.
Hygiene – I follow strict hygienic procedures. All tools are cleaned and (if necessary) washed/sterilized after each session.
Safe Words – at any moment of the session it can be slowed-down or completely stopped by a submissive. 




INFORMED CONSENT STATEMENT; I am requesting and at my own risk participating in a BDSM session. I understand activities within the Session will be conducted by mutual consent. I accept sole responsibility to; (a) decide what activities I wish to participate in during the Session and decide what my boundaries are. (b) communicate these decisions clearly before the start of the Session. (c) agree to an appropriate safe word or other signal to request an activity stop. (d) signal immediately, any unexpected fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, nausea, pain or discomfort. I understand I can discontinue participation at any time during the Session, without prejudice against me, beyond fees or tribute for the Session.


LIMITS OF LIABILITY; I understand that any activity undertaken during the Session are voluntary and are at my own risk. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all participants in the Session from all claims of liability, injury, death, property loss or damage, attorney’s fees and costs and I agree to reimburse them for any such claims; of same, they may have.


Agreement 1 * By submitting this session application, you understand that domination does not involve sex or any unlawful act. I will not guarantee any specific plays, but will take your interests into consideration.

Agreement 2 * You have read and will not ask for any activities listed on my off limits list.

Agreement 3 * You have read and understand my  deposit, late and cancellation policy. Tribute must be presented in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of our engagement if balance is due.

Agreement 4* A non-refundable deposit of $100 per hour requested is required for all engagements, at the time of booking if the full amount is not required at that time.
Agreement 5* If videos/photos are done and used online for social or promotions or content sales, I know I will not make any monies off any sales.


AGREEMENT; by submitting this session application, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree to the contents of this form and I confirm that all information given by me, is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand there is no sex or any unlawful acts involved in Mistress Lizbeth St. Jade's sessions, I am a consenting adult over the age of 21 and I am not a law enforcement officer or federal law enforcement agent.